What is Social Proof?

What is Social Proof?

Social proof is the reason that social media marketing works. Social proof is what causes things to go viral. Social proof is essentially a simplified way of saying that people like things that other people already like.

Due to the anonymity and impersonal nature of the internet and social networks in general, people look for overt clues on what the correct way to behave is. It’s a phenomenon more accurately named informational social influence. It is based on the all-too-human assumption that people around you know more about the correct way to handle a situation than you do. And sometimes that situation is a simple question such as: Was this content good enough to share with my Facebook friends? Or, should I re-tweet this YouTube video to my thousands of followers?

When other people have already shared your content with their friends, you will see the barrier for people to share your content gradually dissolve. And due to the nature of social networks and your ability to gather hundreds or thousands of followers and fans, you can eventually cause every single thing you post to be shared with a huge number of people.

Social proof has been a powerful marketing tool reaching back to the 30s and 40s. In the earliest days of marketing, before everything was simple and quantifiable, there was already a huge number of people using customer testimonials to help sway potential buyers in the right direction.

Make Social Proof Work For You

Social Proof is like bricks or something

It takes many bricks to build a wall

You can quickly build a huge online following using BuySocialFans.com. You can build a Facebook and Twitter following that will help jumpstart your online marketing efforts. In fact, whether you’re starting a blog or just trying to promote your business, you can build a large enough following to start benefiting from the power of social proof in only a few days.

The easiest way to get started online is to already have started. And since you can’t go back in time, the easiest thing to do is to take advantage of the shortcuts that are available to you.

Why You Need The Social Proof Jumpstart

The average Facebook fan page never reaches 100 fans. Most Twitter accounts have less than 100 followers. And it’s simple: No one wants to follow somebody who nobody follows. There’s no way that they would be interesting.

So skip that part.

Set yourself up with 1000 Facebook fans, or 10,000 Twitter followers. Benefit from the compounding effects of social media provided by the simple concept of social proof. And save yourself the headache of wasted time.



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