Ways to Enhance Your Google+ Marketing

Ways to Enhance Your Google+ Marketing

Are you marketing on Google+?

Do people pay attention to your messages?

In this article you’ll find 5 methods to strengthen engagement on Google+.

Discover the best ways to enhance your Google+ Marketing.

# 1: Follow the Formula
If your intent is to encourage engagement, composing a post that is formatted correctly for Google+ is virtually formulaic:

1. Create a post title that does not exceed 40 characters long and make use of asterisks at each end making it strong.
2. Summarize the post so the reader knows exactly what to expect. Keep your summary near to 159 characters and you’ll have exactly three lines of text, which guarantees that the majority of people will see the whole thing without having to click Learn more.
3. Include a connect to the destination post if you’re making use of an image or video.
4. Include some individual understanding (in your brand’s voice) to create a connection with the reader. Ask a concern or include a call to action to assist increase your engagement.
5. Include 3 to 5 hashtags to improve discovery in Google+ and Google search.

Utilizing the easy finest practices of a formulaic post provides you an edge and makes it simple for your target audience to engage with you and share your content.

Google+ Marketing Formula

Google+ Marketing Formula

# 2: Stay On-Topic
Just Guns, based in Sacramento, California, has a few obstacles they have actually had to get rid of to create their Google+ community. They do not allow transactions on their website so all company have to be carried out at their shop. To make matters more complicated, they have to restrict their audience to 21 and older when it pertains to Google+.

How can a brand page with so many constraints engage with their target audience and see advantages? The response remains in the style of their posts. Just Guns consistently gears their Google+ updates toward informing their audience, while likewise providing home entertainment. Each post is on-topic for their business and both individuals and Google can understand this.

Curious about just how well this tactic is working for them? Not just is their audience interacting with them regularly, Google Local drives over 2,000 sees a month to their website and more than 600 new calls a month to the company.

The crucial takeaway here is that while you can mix it up a bit, it is very important to keep posts consistent and on-topic.

# 3: Share Company Posts From Personal Pages
As a marketer, you’re brief on time. Handling both your brand page and your individual page can end up being time-consuming. Nevertheless, by combining your efforts on both, you can extend your business’s reach and enjoy fantastic dividends.

The initial step is to share your preliminary post to the company Google+ page, then share that Google+ upgrade from your individual Google+ page (and ask your team to do the same). You might also link straight to the post from your personal page if you choose.

Stone Temple Consulting utilizes this sharing method when promoting their Here’s Why video series. When the group shares or links to the post on their individual pages, they always include some individual thoughts and value to the shared post.

By sharing your posts from several accounts, you reach a much broader audience. Adding a level of personality to your posts (via tailored understandings about them) helps humanize your brand and adds a customized punch to the material, which in turn reveals expertise, authority and reliability.

# 4: Post Third-Party Content
It’s OKAY to link to other blog sites or share other people’s posts. In fact, a great rule of thumb is to supply 80 % content that is not marketing in nature (consisting of content from somebody else) and 20 % that speaks to exactly what you do.

Include your very own understandings or opinions to the third-party content you share to enhance your authority, along with the opportunity that others will take the time to read what you share and engage with you.

You’ll make an impression and reveal that you really understand exactly what you’re speaking about by posting subjects that are necessary to your audience, even if that details is from an outdoors source. Bear in mind: It’s not constantly about you.

# 5: Track Standard and Special Metrics
When you know what moves the needle for your company, it’s much easier to measure the metrics that connect to it.

As you assess metrics from the Google+ dashboard, you might likewise want to look at the momentum in metrics like the four listed below to determine whether your social networks efforts are working. As you note trends in these metrics, you can tweak your techniques as needed.

For instance, to construct a community of fans and produce buzz for Canva, Person Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick launched a massive number of Google+ Hangout on Air looks.


Canva has actually grown a big neighborhood. Image

Canva has actually grown a big neighborhood. Image

When asked how Canva takes a look at the return on investment, they mentioned they’re not determining views, social signals or traffic from Google+. Instead, they look at onboarding (new signups), finished designs, follower count and total web traffic.


To reap the benefits of Google+, let your company’s character luster through.

Stay on-topic, share valuable details from others, take advantage of your network of existing connections and interact with them and attempt following the publishing formula I pointed out earlier.


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