Understanding the Impact of Google+ on SEO

Understanding the Impact of Google+ on SEO

If you want your material to be found on the Web, seo (SEO) is vital. Why? Overall, online searches drive 3 times more traffic to material sites than social networks platforms.

And SEO does not just impact site visitor volume– it’s also a highly reliable channel for incoming list building. According to HubSpot, SEO-sourced leads have a 14.6 % close rate, more than 8 times the close rate of outbound-sourced leads (1.7 %).

Exactly what does all of this have to do with Google+? In the social media universe, Google+ has a special marketing benefit: a direct impact on SEO rankings. Do not believe it? Let’s have a look at the evidence.

According to research study from Searchmetrics, social signals account for seven out of the leading 8 factors associated with Google search engine result, however Google +1 s take the leading spot.

In reality, Google +1 s have the single highest connection with Google search ranking (0.4), higher than than the number of Facebook shares (0.34), number of backlinks (0.34), and total Facebook Likes, Shares, and Remarks (0.34).


Searchmetrics Google Search results page Connection

Searchmetrics Google Search results page Connection

Moz found similar results in their biennial Ranking Elements study on the attributes of pages and websites with the strongest association with ranking extremely in Google search engine result. The Moz Data Science Group initially determined the connection between Google +1 s and Google search results page ranking in 2013. They discovered that “after Page Authority, a URL’s variety of Google +1 s is more highly associated with search rankings than any other element.”.


Moz Mean Spearman Correlation.

Moz Mean Spearman Correlation.

Just like the Searchmetrics study, Moz starts that the correlation of Google +1 s with Google search ranking “vanquish other popular metrics including linking root domains, Facebook shares, and even keyword usage.”.

Digital marketing expert Dennis Robinson also carried out an interesting experiment to comprehend the impact of Google+ activity and authorship on search engine rankings. Robinson created four niche sites with a varying levels of Google Authorship involvement and measured the influence on site rankings, managing for all additional variables.

Robinson concluded that “Google+ has an immediate influence on SEO outcomes.” Not just did Google+ shares provide a substantial, long lasting increase to online search engine outcomes page (SERP) ranking, but shares from a recognized account (like a brand account) provided the material with a quality ranking.

Given his findings, Robinson kept in mind that “it will become harder to rely on an SEO analysis tool that does not incorporate Google +1’s into their information front and center.”

The information clearly reveal that Google+ has a tangible influence on search results ranking. Once again, provided the 14.6 % close rate of SEO-sourced leads, there’s no denying that Google+ is a practical source of incoming leads. While some skepticism still looms over the future of the platform, Google has actually consistently stood behind the network, released features like polls to the performance in a continued effort to motivate usage.

Takeaways and Conclusions.

  • Google+ interactions affect Google search rankings more than practically other metric.
  • Cultivating a strong Google+ presence helps to drive organic site gos to, which transform at a higher rate than outbound-sourced leads.

Basically, Google+ is central to reliable social media marketing. Not just does it offer engagement with varied populations, however it straight impacts quantifiable results beyond engagement, including higher search results page ranking.


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