Tips to Enhance Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Tips to Enhance Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Did you know 69 % of online customers who visit Pinterest have a clear intention of acquiring items?

So, are you making Pinterest part of the social media marketing technique for your operation?

If not, it’s still a big chance for brand awareness and sales. The best part is, Pinterest has actually proven to be the most affordable for a number of markets.


According to Danny Maloney, CEO and co-founder of Pinterest analytics and management firm Tailwind …

Unlike Twitter and Facebook which connect users based on who they understand, Pinterest links individuals based upon their common passion. This suggests users have the ability to see content which is more likely to be of interest to them, and are more likely to lead to buy downstream.“.

You may be asking yourself, how do I use Pinterest as a marketing device? You require a consistent and strategic approach to your pinning insanity.

Before you begin, ask yourself these 4 crucial concerns:.

  • Is your business visual?
  • Do you have access to images?
  • Is your target audience primarily female?
  • Can your website be easily updated with images and content?


How do you establish the ideal Pinterest marketing strategy? Well here are Tips to Enhance Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy :

1) Keep your Pinterest board clean and arranged.

Pinterest’s appeal is mostly based upon its cool structure. Even the large boards with hundreds of posts should be naturally pleasing to the eye and easily understood.

When you are utilizing Pinterest for your operation, it is very important to utilize proper classification to make it basic and much easier for the users to browse your boards. The best method is to produce several boards to segregate the content by classification so that relevant material can be kept together.

2) Profile your brand.

Profile your brand.

Profile your brand.

You absolutely require a board to showcase your products and services.

However how many boards do you need and how do you classify things you sell to pin to your Pinterest boards? Your products need sensible collection. Most notably, think about how your clients may look for the services and products you offer. For example, you may have independent boards for gowns, trousers, pants, tops, shoes, handbags, as well as a board for total clothing.

3) Gain from your customers.

Observe the interests of your target clients as it helps you produce a more appealing experience.

Take a look at who’s following you, who is pinning from your domain and who is repining your content. Likewise, you can also see exactly what else individuals are pinning to recognize the most recent trends throughout your fans.

You may make use of Pinterest Automation Software application to follow great deals of other users. The software can also navigate other pertinent boards and instantly follow people and boards. In addition, there are numerous tools that have actually popped into the marketplace to assist manage, measure and improve your Pinterest experience.

4) Inspire to develop wish-lists.

It has actually been observed that Pinterest individuals often create “wishlist boards” for getaways or special events like birthdays, infant showers or wedding events, to help their family and friends with gift concepts.

Numerous online merchants have noted that encouraging online consumers to include product wishlists can enhance sales. In truth, pinning is considered a secondary objective for individuals who are browsing however are not all set to hit the “Buy” button.

The greatest advantage is that consumers get to share exactly what they desire and even when their friends and family plan to buy it, one click can bring them back to you.

5) Make interesting and motivating content.

There are countless pins getting posted on Pinterest every day. However do you discover all them engaging? I don’t believe so. Posts ought to be attention-grabbers. The technique is making your posts engaging even if they are not interesting enough.


One of the intriguing methods making your post exciting is by rewarding your followers or making a giveaway occasion. Who does not want to be rewarded by just sharing a post?


6) Pin shareable images.

Your main goal for a Pin is to optimize its exposure with likes, remarks, repins and new fans. Pin images that people want to pin, like and share, based upon user psychology. Here are 2 examples:.

  • Images with multiple dominant colors get 3.25 more repins than those with single leading colors.
  • Images without a human face are normally repinned 23 percent more than those with human faces.

7) Offer your image a name, title and description.

Much like any other social networks website, Pinterest’s search engine is based on an algorithm to understand how excellent material is. These items affect search rankings:.

  • Image name.
  • Image title.
  • Image Description.

8) Pinning frequency does matter.

In order to maintain the existing consumers and obtain possible ones, it is important to publish pins at the best frequency.

Although there is no best frequency, there are two rules of thumb to follow as an efficient Pinterest technique.

  • There shouldn’t be an extended time period without any post as your followers can lose interest and forget your boards. You must be consistent.
  • Keep away from mass publishing in a single session. Excessive pinning in one session might frustrate your followers as well as lead to losing a few of them. For that reason, it is much better to divide two or three publishing sessions weekly. Do not irritate your audience needlessly.

9) Arrange pins.

Instead of spending time every day to include pins, the very best alternative is to use a scheduling tool to post your pins at the right times.

You may arrange your pin with an interval of 1440 minutes so that the system can include 1 pin per day.

10) Measuring marketing effort.

How do you determine traffic transfers from Pinterest? How can you report on the progress in the number of repins and your followers? Most of these stats can be achieved through web analytics tool and you must highlight anything that requires development work and to automate and implement.


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