Social Proof to Buy Facebook Likes

Social Proof to Buy Facebook Likes

Facebook is the world’s largest social network. With nearly a billion users worldwide, you can reach a huge number of people through a Facebook fan page.When you just start out a new Facebook page, it can be very difficult to get things rolling. Facebook is extremely good at spreading out your followers activity with your fan page’s posts, but only if you have followers to interact with your page. The easiest way to gain more followers is by already having followers.

While many so-called “experts” suggest that you should start building your Facebook page organically from day one, there is one simple reason that buying Facebook Likes can save you a lot of time and effort.

Buying Facebook likes is one of the best ways to get a new Facebook fan page started.

Get More Facebook Likes

Each Facebook Like is a stamp of approval

The Social Proof of Facebook Likes

People are more likely to follow a page that already has a lot of followers. It’s a simple concept called “social proof.” People like things that people already like. (This applies to the actual meaning of the word like as well as the Facebook terminology.)

Every one of us has considered liking an interesting looking Facebook page, only to see that it has a small number of followers. Sometimes, a low follower number is enough to prevent new people from liking a page.

Would you rather like a page that has 1000 fans or 50 fans?

Facebook Likes Create More Facebook Likes

By having your fans interact with your page, their friends and followers will receive notifications about your post.

This is what causes content to go “viral” on Facebook. Essentially, every time a current fan interacts with one of your posts, hundreds or even thousands of people will receive a notification. This is exposure that can lead to additional likes on your posts and on your page itself.

But to benefit from the viral aspect of Facebook, you need to have people that already like your page. And by buying real Facebook fans you can get started without the painful growth period at the beginning.

The Exponential Growth in Facebook Likes

Because of social proof and the viral nature of Facebook, every single fan you have has the potential to increase your number of fans exponentially. Every single Facebook like can multiply.
A page with a couple thousand likes can easily gain hundreds of organic new likes per day, while a page with only a few dozen likes will often be happy to receive one or two more likes per day. The more likes you have, the more likes you will get.

If you buy Facebook likes to get yourself started, you can save yourself the trouble of the growth period in the beginning, and build your Facebook promotion platform much faster than starting the slow, organic way.


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