Should You Buy Facebook Likes?

Should You Buy Facebook Likes?

While sometimes considered simply a way to pad your social metrics, buying Facebook likes is a viable way to build a community around your Facebook page. It can be difficult to create genuine interaction on dull, lifeless posts. If people see a lot of activity on your page, they will be more likely to interact with your page.

Buying Facebook likes does more than just build social proof for your Facebook fan page, as well.

Facebook’s Edgerank System

Facebook penalizes posts that don’t already have a lot of exposure. More recently this penalization has been more severe. Since Facebook is now offering you the ability to have more of your fans see your posts by paying Facebook directly, there have been reports of a lot of fans not seeing posts by default.

Facebook allows you to pay to show your posts to fans you already have on your page. But you have to pay them on an individual post basis.

By getting likes on a series of posts on your Facebook fan page you are generating activity which will help ensure that more of your fans see each of your posts. Quite simply, the more often your page is interacted with, the less likely Facebook is to bury your posts.

Helping Build a Facebook Community in the Long Term

Unlike paying for individual posts to be shown to more people, buying Facebook likes allows you to build up actual activity on each post on your Facebook page. This ensures that you will be building a reputation with each of your existing fans of having a lively vibrant Facebook fan community, as well as helping to build exposure with Facebook’s Edgerank system.

Paying for individual posts to rise to the top still has some benefit, of course, but in the long run it won’t have the same powerful effect as building an active community surrounding each of your page’s posts.

Get More Facebook Likes

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The Fastest Way to Build a Facebook Fan Page for Your Business

If you are starting a new page or are having trouble getting your existing page “off the ground,” it is best to use a multi-tiered system to kickstart the whole process.

If you buy Facebook fans to ensure that your visitors are seeing a large number of people like your page, you will get more additional likes on your page.

If you buy likes on your Facebook posts, you will see additional likes from other members of your community as they rise to the top of people’s streams through the Edgerank system.

And if you sponsor some posts through Facebook themselves you will be able to ensure that specific posts are constantly visible among your fans.



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