How to Buy Real Instagram Likes and Comments

How to Buy Real Instagram Likes and Comments

As with any social media platform, getting more Instagram likes and comments is easier for an account with a large number of followers. But it can be very difficult when you’re starting a new account to build up the initial following that will help your posts spread out across a large number of people.

Instagram Likes Look Like Hearts

Instagram likes look like hearts.

Most accounts on Instagram have less than 100 followers. And most pictures posted on Instagram will receive

one or two likes. The typical image won’t receive a single comment. But if you want to use Instagram to promote a product or a service, you will need to provide some proof to your potential followers that your account is worth following.The best way to entice new users to follow you on Instagram is through social proof. Essentially, people are more likely to follow and interact with an account that is already receiving a lot of interest from other users on the social network.

If you already know why you want more likes and comments on Instagram, skip to the bottom of this article.

Instagram Pictures With Likes Get More Likes

People are more willing to hit like on a picture that has a lot of likes. If you ever want your picture to hit the Instagram Popular page, you will need to have a lot of likes to get things started. Even your regular followers are more likely to Like one of your photos if you’ve already received a lot of likes.

While it’s pretty much impossible to get every image to the popular page, the users that do tend to do it a lot.The rule of Likes Get More Likes applies to current photos as well as your past photos in your account. If you want people to look through your photo archives you need to be receiving a steady amount of likes, spread out over all of your images.

Instagram Pictures With Comments Get More Comments

If you want a lively discussion surrounding your Instagram pictures you need to build a community around them. And the best way to do that is to get people talking.

While most images that run through Instagram never receive a single comment, there are lively discussions surrounding many popular accounts images on a regular basis. This has many direct and indirect benefits.The direct benefits are obviously that you are generating a buzz around your images, and this will help you build your profile on Instagram and for yourself.

The indirect benefits are a little bit more broad, but one of the best indirect benefits to having a lot of comments surrounding your Instagram pictures is that people tend to include hashtags when there’s a lively discussion surrounding a picture. And this makes your image easier to find without you having to post a huge list of spammy looking hashtags with each one of your images.

The more comments you get, the more attention your posts will get.

How to Buy Real Instagram Likes and Comments

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