Three Quick Ways to Build a Profitable YouTube Account

Three Quick Ways to Build a Profitable YouTube Account

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, only beat by Google itself. To successfully market any product or service online you need some sort of presence on YouTube. Otherwise you are leaving out a huge segment of your potential customer base.

Like any social media account, a YouTube account with no subscribers and no engagement will scare away more potential customers than a properly built account with a following. offers a number of ways to help you quickly build a profitable YouTube account for your business.

1. Use Your Facebook Fan Page to Drive Traffic to Your Videos

Facebook allows your users to play YouTube videos embedded directly into your Facebook Fan page. If you’ve already built up a Facebook following to help market your business, you will be able to carry over a good amount of those users to your YouTube account.

While not every single fan will convert as a follower, your Facebook views contribute directly to your videos view counts, which is the most prominent metric providing social proof for your YouTube videos.

BuySocialFans can help you generate engagement on your YouTube video’s Facebook posts to make sure that your videos get as much Facebook visibility as is possible. These services can help you build real Facebook fans, but also likes and comments on your individual posts to ensure that as many people see your video as possible.

2. Use Your Twitter Account to Drive Traffic to Your YouTube Videos

Like Facebook, Twitter allows you to embed your YouTube videos directly onto their site. YouTube videos embedded within tweets can go viral almost accidentally, as your followers don’t have to actually click through a link to see your video. And the likelihood of somebody retweeting a video they have watched is incredibly high, compared to the likelihood of somebody sharing your video on Facebook.

And if somebody watches your video and then also retweets it, they are extremely likely to continue watching your videos in the future, and will often become a subscriber as well. The simple act of sharing makes your fans feel personally invested in what you have to say, and it will help ensure their loyalty in the future.

BuySocialFans can also help you build real followers on Twitter if you don’t already have a well established account.

3. The Quick and Easy Way – Buy Real YouTube Subscribers

The upside to this solution is that it allows you to build a following on YouTube without necessarily having to maintain an active account on Facebook and on Twitter.

YouTube You can simply buy YouTube subscribers that will now see your videos directly on their YouTube homepage. We can also help you build likes and comments on each of your videos as you release them, to ensure a steady flow of social proof for each video as you upload it.

Regardless of how you choose to go about promoting your YouTube videos, it is a good idea to ensure that you don’t spend months on building your first few hundred subscribers. Whether you use Facebook and Twitter or simply promote yourself through YouTube directly, you can build a powerful YouTube account quickly and easily with the help of


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