Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts

Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts







Managing multiple Twitter accounts

A couple of years ago, you created a Twitter handle with a name for your company, built it up for a while, and have maintained a holding design. Meanwhile, working with a side company, you developed a different handle and have actually been accumulating your visibility there. Now, you’ve chosen to merge your businesses and also combine your brand name. How do you take care of 2 Twitter manages? Can you merge them or handle them with one account?

Multiple Account Management

Based on the official Twitter policies, it’s flawlessly fine to make use of more than one Twitter to deal with. There are a couple of constraints, however. For one point, your e-mail address can just be related to one Twitter account at a time.

Secondly, you can not manage more than one deal with under the very same account. If you desired, say, @YourBusiness and also @YourBusinessCustomerService, you would have to have two separate accounts under two separate email addresses.

Luckily, Twitter makes it very easy to take care of more than one account each time. You can use greater than one web browser. Visit to your primary account on Firefox and also your CS account on Chrome, for instance, and neither will certainly clash. If you’re using the mobile application, you could add greater than one account and button between them rapidly and effortlessly.

On desktop platforms, you could make use of an application like TweetDeck to handle them. Various other options to TweetDeck consist of Nambu as well as Twhirl. If you run a Mac, you could utilize Twibble or Digsby. You can use TwittBot or Splitweet if you wish an internet user interface. Or, certainly, the HootSuite app gives you accessibility to all the professional alternatives you desire.

How to Combine Two Accounts: The Twitter Method

Back to the original question; you wish to mash your accounts with each other like 2 halves of a peanut butter and also jelly sandwich. Exists any way via main Twitter channels to merge these accounts?

Sadly, the response is no. Merely a straight no. “There is currently no way to handle multiple Twitter profile pages from a single account or merge multiple accounts into one.”.


Alright then, exactly what about migrating the information? Can you export your fans and also import them to a various account? Can you move your best tweets over, to save data on faves as well as retweets? Once more, no. “We are incapable to shift data (Tweets, adhering to, or followers) from one account to an additional.”.

Well, that’s no good. It makes sense, however. If you might import followers, it would certainly be great from a company perspective. From a user perspective, nevertheless, you ‘d suddenly discover yourself adhering to companies and marketers you had no intention of ever before following, simply due to the fact that they imported your calls.

What is Twitter’s favored method for handling this scenario? “If you no longer want among your accounts, we recommend that you leave one account non-active (or deactivate it, if you desire) as well as inform your followers to find you at your favored account.”.

The best ways to Combine 2 Accounts: The Manual Means.

Okay, permit’s follow Twitter’s instructions. Below’s all you have to do.

Step 1: Select which account you intend to be your key. That’s not an uphill struggle; pick the one with the much more energetic, engaged followers. You can always change its name later.

Step 2: Post a tweet on the account you’re abandoning. Tweet something like “This account is going to be shut down soon; to sustain to date with us, comply with @PrimaryAccount.” Pin this tweet.

Step 3: Post a tweet on the account you’re focusing on. Invite users from the old account. “Welcome migrants from @AbandonedAccount!” Exactly what this does is makes certain your migrant followers are sure they’re complying with the appropriate account, and that your aged account had not been hacked to divert followers. If you’re transforming the name of this account, doing this, and tweet with regards to the rebranding.


Step 4: Arrange a couple of retweets or repeats of the pinned message on the deserted account. This will certainly maximize the possibilities that your followers view the message and also migrate.

Step 5: There is no action five. Leave the deserted account alive if you wish, to keep the pinned tweet as a message to any type of that can be found in later on. If you don’t think you’ll capture any more migrants, feel free to deactivate it.

How to Merge 2 Accounts: A Practical Method.

Okay, so what if you don’t intend to leave it all to opportunity, with individuals who don’t intend to adhere to a name they do not identify. Right here’s a comparable, tricksier method to achieve the very same objective.

Step 1: Choose which account you would like to be your primary. In this instance, claim you have @MoreFollowers as well as @GreatName as your accounts. @MoreFollowers has more followers, which is why you picked it.
Step 2: Adjustment the name of @GreatName to something else. It could be as straightforward as including a number, making it @GreatName2.
Step 3: Visit your primary account, @MoreFollowers, as well as transform its name to @GreatName. This will certainly enable it to embrace the name recognition of the old account temporarily.
Step 4: On @GreatName2, tweet that they need to follow the brand-new hotness, @GreatName. The comparable name will enable you to capture their attention and acquire them to move over.
Step 5: As soon as your fans have conformed, change @GreatName to the name you wish it to really be. @MoreFollowers was the original name, however if you’re rebranding entirely, you could pick a more unified name. @MoreName, perhaps?
This approach, without the last name adjustment, permits you to essentially switch the names of your 2 accounts, offering the much better name to the much better account, while transferring any type of fans over.

If you want a more personal, direct touch when obtaining your old fans to follow your new account, you can send them direct messages. If you’ve gathered information from them before, including their e-mail address, you can notify them via a newsletter. You could do that no matter, which might likewise generate new fans. You should, naturally, make a news on your site with regards to the brand-new name your individuals must follow. Ultimately, you need to make certain to transform your social sharing buttons as well as any sort of incorporated Twitter plugins to mirror the new name.


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