How to Delete a Facebook Fanpage

How to Delete a Facebook Fanpage


It’s not unusual that you, as a business owner, have a Facebook web page that you created in haste and locate no more suits your business. It could be that you rebranded and the old branding no more functions. It could be that you’ve simply located no worth in Facebook as a system. Maybe that your company shut and you have no demand of the Facebook page any sort of longer. Regardless, you’re strongly taking into consideration erasing your Facebook web page. The only concern is; just how?



Just before you delete your page, you should know a why you should delete your Facebook page.

Clicking the erase button and validating your intent initiates the process. You have a 14-day period within which you can log in and cancel the deletion. This serves if your page was hacked– a cyberpunk can not delete it– and if you alter your mind about erasing the page.
The distinct WEBSITE ADDRESS and username made use of for the page will certainly be secured. If your business web page is, and you later on re-open your business, you will not be able to register again.
Company pages require an individual profile registered. You could not remove your personal profile and still maintain your business pages.
Only the actual page Admin account could erase a web page. Any account with minimal advantages can not launch a delete.
If, after checking out those cautions, you still want to remove your web page permanently, here’s just how.

How you can Erase Permanently

From any kind of web page on Facebook, planning to the upper right edge of the web page and see the drop-down arrowhead next to the house button. Click that button and go to the web page you wish to delete.

On the web page you want to remove, click the setups alternative and click Remove Page This will certainly bring up a confirmation and advising discussion box. Review the precaution and pick the web page you wish to remove. Click delete, and an additional discussion will show up with additional precautions. Click validate once more and your web page will be set up for removal. After 14 days, your web page will certainly be permanently erased.

Deletion Choice: Unpublish the Web page.



If the precautions and the permanent nature of removal warn you off, best news! There’s a feasible option to removal developed right in to Facebook. It’s called unpublishing, and it’s similar to a short-lived deletion.

When you have a company web page, it alreadies existing in the posted state. This suggests it shows up to the general public, or the public that likes the web page, regardless. Sometimes, nevertheless, you intend to hide the web page temporarily. Deletion would certainly be an impressive activity when it come to a reorganization, hacking cleanup or spam elimination procedure, as an example.

If you think there ares a tiny chance of your page returning, you should most likely unpublish it rather than remove it. Unpublished web pages are efficiently unnoticeable up until you release them once again. Even individuals which have the LINK or who followed it in the past will be incapable to access it; just the page admin can.

To unpublish your page, see the web page itself and click the settings alternative. From there, situate and click the web page exposure option. There will be a checkbox labeled “unpublish page.” Click it and conserve your modifications. That’s all it takes.

When you have completed whatever rebranding, reconstruction or upkeep you wished to carry out, you can follow the same actions and release the page once more. You won’t shed any followers or wall surface material unless you eliminate it yourself.

Removal Alternative: Analytics and Content Advertising

If you’re erasing your Facebook page given that it’s not offering you the roi you had wished, take a minute to take into consideration if you’re doing everything right.

Did you acquire artificial followers? If so, of course you will not earn conversions from them; they’re simply robotics.
Are you targeting the demographics of the people which you understand convert? You can discover via Facebook Insights and Google Analytics.
Are you supplying customers something of worth? If all you’re doing is promoting on your own, users will not want to interact with your web page.
Are you involving your followers? Holding a conversation is better than publishing a product statement.
Are you making use of Facebook retargeting? It’s a fantastic way to capture individuals interested good enough to visit your website and target them with ads on their Facebook profiles.
Before you make a permanent choice to delete Facebook and remove it from your company strategy, consider if you can fine-tune the way you use it to bring worth to your business.


Deletion Choice: Rebrand by Compromising Likes



Do you have a little core complying with and a a great deal of users that please do not interact with or appreciate your brand name in any way? Are you thinking about erasing your Facebook web page especially so you can release a new one? You could have an additional alternative.

In the past, it was feasible to change your page name any time, so long as you had under ONE HUNDRED fans. That number has actually given that been hit approximately 200.

If you have under 200 followers, you can change the name of your web page by entering into the setups food selection and clicking web page info. Because food selection will certainly be a name box, which you can edit to rebrand your page. Unfortunately, if you has more than 200 followers, this does not work.

When you have over 200 fans, you have three alternatives. You could submit a name change demand to Facebook directly, through the same process as above. Facebook will certainly review and accept or deny your demand. However, you can simply change your web page name when; if you have rebranded in the past, or you’re running on a web page you bought and transformed the name of to begin with, you won’t have the ability to change it again.

You may manage to purge valueless followers till you get to the sub-200 level and view if the name change option appears. This is a little a scorched earth approach of rebranding, yet it could possibly conserve you some time you would certainly otherwise spend mentioning to those essential 200 followers where your brand-new page is.

Removal Alternative: Merge Pages

If you’re deleting a page considering that you have one more page for the business already, take into consideration merging the two web pages. Merging web pages takes one page and combines the fan list with your target web page. It’s a great way to conserve any kind of reputable followers who occurred to comply with the wrong web page.

You can just merge pages if you are the admin for both and they have comparable names. Basically, they have to be for the same business. You submit a merging request to Facebook with the environments– combine duplicate web pages food selection. The taken out page loses all posts, images and its username, yet maintains fans and check-ins.

If you are not admin of the duplicate page, you can report it and say to Facebook you’re stating it due to the fact that it’s a web page for your business that you don’t regulate. Facebook could review your case and grant you access to the page.

You don’t always have to remove your web page to address a trouble; there are typically much better ways to deal with it. Take into consideration why you’re deleting your web page and see if there’s a sensible option.


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