7 Steps to Generate Targeted Traffic With Twitter

7 Steps to Generate Targeted Traffic With Twitter


Social network has lots of uses– from making contacts to performing customer service– but driving quality traffic to your website is Twitter’s secret weapon. The big concern is this: How can we get more of that beautiful interest we crave?

Traffic translates into:

  • Interest, engagement, conversation and recognition
  • Spreading your message everywhere
  • Prospects and customer opt-ins
  • Customers, enhanced sales and leads
  • Media and interviews, which result in more interest

… and last but not least, an ego increase.

In a previous post right here I pointed out the lots of advantages of Twitter for your business. Now right here are 7 steps to generate targeted traffic with Twitter:

7 Steps to Generate Targeted Traffic With Twitter

7 Steps to Generate Targeted Traffic With Twitter

# 1: Know your audience
Growing your traffic constantly begins with your audience if you wish to do it right. Untargeted, unenthusiastic “hits” are a waste of time and resources at worst, and at best simply pure vanity.

  • What does your audience want and require?
  • How do they like it provided?
  • Which topics are on their minds today?
  • Exist trends that are growing in popularity?
  • How do these folks speak? What words and phrases do they utilize?

This suggests that driving traffic starts with listening and observing. Get to know your target so you can most effectively engage them.

Twitter has a tool for this. Use search.twitter.com to discover what people in your niche are talking about and follow a few of their discussions.

Once you get a concept of exactly what people have an interest in, join in those discussions and speak to people.

# 2: Get the “ideal” followers
A lot rubbish is thrown around about how to grow your follower count that it makes it appear that the number is all that matters. Incorrect!

You require people to wish to hear exactly what you need to state. This indicates you do NOT desire individuals who auto-follow because they are either:

  1. Robotics and not actual people (e.g., spam software application, individuals trying to inflate their fan count, scrapers).
  2. Not really reading your tweets and simply following to enable you to DM them.

The followers you most want are those who follow you due to the fact that they are interested and think they will certainly get value from your tweets. These individuals are probably to find you via:.

  • People retweeting your things, either within Twitter or utilizing a TweetMeme button.
  • Recommendations from other Twitter users.
  • Your blog; for instance, your short articles that say “Follow me on Twitter at @YoniBinStock and tell me what you think,” or your sidebar Follow Me button.
  • Other people’s blogs, when you guest post or comment.
  • Clicking your forum trademark when you take part in discussions, or your e-mail signature.

Unfortunately Twitter closed off a truly great way that individuals utilized to obtain targeted Twitter followers. It made use of to be that we could “listen in” to conversations that individuals we followed were having, now you need to be following both parties. This means we can’t discover new people that method. If somebody puts something before they discuss your @name it can still work, and I still sometimes get followers through that.

Essentially the advice is, put your Twitter name where it will certainly be seen and encourage people to share it!

# 3: Build engagement.
Talk to people.

Engage your fans. Do not just see them as a passive list of eyeballs! Treat folks as humans and you will do better at this things. It is called social networks for a factor.

  • Ask concerns.
  • Hold conversations.
  • Dip into others’ discussions.
  • Motivate feedback.

# 4: Get clicks.
So now your fans are seeing you as an interesting individual and not a robotic “feed,” which means they are most likely to take notice when you tweet out a link.

Tweet Valuable Links.

Whatever you do, don’t simply tweet your own things. That is both selfish and dull!

Enter the habit of sharing anything cool, no matter who developed it. Retweet excellent stuff and other people are going to be more ready to retweet yours. Tweet out fun and beneficial links your friends send you in email or from the news. Be referred to as an individual who tweets great stuff.


Not everyone is online at the very same time. There is an universe outside of your timezone, plus people have a different schedule than you. You know the sensation of confusion when you land in an international country. Not only have you got to adjust to local time, but likewise people seem to have their dishes at a various time of day, shops open and close at weird hours, and business conferences seem to be held randomly. Twitter resembles that, you cannot simply look at a time zone converter and believe people will certainly be at their desk at a particular time.

  1. Tweet the very same thing a few times, a few hours apart, to give your message several opportunities to be seen.
  2. Vary the times of day you tweet and keep an eye on response.
  3. Expect the peaks and troughs of activity in YOUR stream (not just what works for others).

I have the tendency to intend to catch the peak times for Aussies, the EU/Brits, East Coast UNITED STATE, and West Coast USA, however it is far from a specific science!


There are 2 main driving aspects that affect your chances of getting a click:.

  1. Your track record.
  2. The heading.

Hopefully at this point # 1 is looked after, but # 2 takes some work.

First of all, use my free download 102 Proven Headline Formulas as a beginning point. There are 102 fill-in-the-blank templates which ought to provide you a head start on writing a compelling caption.

If you make use of an intriguing title and it matches your audience’s wants and needs, then you are getting clicks.

Split test.

You might not get it right the first time, so attempt another variation:.

  • Expression it as a concern.
  • Make it into a “The best ways to” heading.
  • Use interest versus simply the truths.

A lot of this has to do with learning what your audience responds to best.

# 5: Measure efficiency.
When you use a link-shortener with an integrated click-tracker such as bit.ly, you can see how well any of your links perform. This works for improving gradually and to see which links get gotten virally. As they state, what you measure you get more of!

With Twitter it’s not simply the link clicks that YOU get, but the retweets and shares that truly drive the actual traffic. TweetMeme and bit.ly can offer you important reporting about how well you do, along with your Google Analytics.

# 6: Do more of what works, however test, test, test.
When you find what works for you, do more of that. Bear in mind though that if you just do the very same things you will either get the very same results and not improve, or you will certainly wear out that method. Experiment, learn and mix it up.

Patterns alter, strategies improve, trends go out of fashion. Do not get stuck on rails, move and circulation with your audience.

# 7: Motivate sharing.
When you have your initial click, your job is not done!

Ensure your post has a TweetMeme button so that anybody who likes what you shared can quickly share it too.

If you wish to get actually fancy, provide individuals a reward to share, such as a random prize drawing for anyone who tweets your message. Naturally, the message will include a link back to you …

Once in a while it does not hurt to in fact ask for retweets. Simply do not overdo it, as you will just frustrate your followers. This will make them less responsive, rather than more.


In Summary:

  • Gather the right audience.
  • Be amazing.
  • Share cool stuff.
  • Motivate other individuals to share it too.

Does Twitter work to create traffic for your stuff?


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