7 Metrics to Audit Your YouTube Channel

What do you mean by audit YouTube channel? Have u ever stopped to ask if you’re actually making progress on your YouTube channel? It’s important to analyze the efficiency of your YouTube channel. Audit your account on regular basis to find hidden truths about your YouTube algorithm. Most users do this, deep auditing of their accounts, it’s advisable to keep track of your views and real Youtube subscribers. Take a step back and observe what’s working and what’s not working. Control your account activities by regularly auditing, you need to review your account and see results of your efforts. Read closely 7 metrics you can use in auditing your YouTube channel.

youtube tracking tips


With this, you can actually know how many subscribers watch your videos. Creating content is definitely the first step in knowing how many of your viewers were impressed. To do this, check the numbers of views with the number of subscribers and do the math. This metric is available in your dashboard.


Find out which of your contents got the most engagement if you buy real Youtube subscribers. Did your video get lots of comments, likes, and subscribers?  Using views engagement ratio you get to find out.


This metric helps in figuring views. Organic views are those videos that were watched without paid adverts. ¬†And also if you’ve used some ads or payrolls, this metric can help you figure out your views and the source it’s from.


Find out how long users watch your videos, how long your video interests your viewers. Not all viewers stick to the end of a video. If your watch time is low, you definitely need to change tactics. This metric can be found in your analytic settings.


You get to find out how many of your videos were suggested during a search alongside videos with so many views. To check this, simply go to your YouTube analytics.

This metric is called audience retention. Get to find out which of your video had the highest view. Before your viewers lost interest or clicked away, how many views did you get? Using this metric you get to figure it out.


Track your progress using this metric. You’ll find this in creator studio. This helps YouTube channels who have less audience.

Tried any of this metric yet? Get to know the progress of your YouTube channel by auditing your account with this metrics. Your efforts shouldn’t be in vain.