Getting Your First 1,000 Twitter Followers

Getting Your First 1,000 Twitter Followers

When starting a Twitter account for your business, it can take quite some time to get the first few hundred followers.

When Twitter was a brand new service it was very easy for people to reach a couple hundred followers in only a couple of days. Because of the novelty of the service, nearly everybody was seeking out as many new, interesting people and businesses to follow with their brand new Twitter account.

But as time progressed and the user base grew, Twitter developed a number of large, self contained communities that can be quite difficult to break into.

By using services to help get your Twitter account started, you can save yourself weeks of effort.

The First 1,000 Twitter Followers

People follow Twitter accounts that already have followers.

Because of a simple concept called “social proof,” any Twitter account with a large number of followers generates more organic followers every single day than a new Twitter account. And the gain is almost always exponential. Other factors matter, of course. Such as account activity levels and the popularity of your overall topic. But plain and simple – you will get more new followers by already having more followers. It’s a bit of a Catch 22, but it’s essentially the number one rule of Twitter. offers a simple starter package that will get you your first 1,000 Twitter followers for only $35.

Getting 1,000 Twitter followers on a brand new account can easily take weeks, and sometimes even months. But the second thousand will take half as long. And the third, even less.

Why Post Tweets if No One is Reading Them?

Your first 1,000 followers is an audience that may engage with your tweets. And if you’re going to spend the time out of your busy schedule to post on Twitter, you want to make sure your message is going somewhere.

Buy Real Twitter Followers

Because of Twitter’s conversation and retweet systems, an audience of 1,000 people is exponentially higher. If you share an interesting link or message, you will often have people share that message with their followers. Which can be as few as a few dozen people, but is usually a few thousand people. In some cases, lucky businesses have had their tweets shared with millions of people.

Is 1,000 Twitter Followers Enough?

Definitely not.

Social media marketing is a plain and simple numbers game. If you have more followers, your posts will receive more engagement, which will get you more followers. More importantly, the engagement and additional followers leads to paying customers.

One thousand Twitter followers is a safe number to get you started. But to find real success on Twitter you will need to build your account to the tens or hundreds of thousands of followers.

But we can help with that. 


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