7 Metrics to Audit Your YouTube Channel

What do you mean by audit YouTube channel? Have u ever stopped to ask if you’re actually making progress on your YouTube channel? It’s important to analyze the efficiency of your YouTube channel. Audit your account on regular basis to find hidden truths about your YouTube algorithm. Most users do this, deep auditing of their accounts, it’s advisable to keep track of your views and real Youtube subscribers. Take a step back and observe what’s working and what’s not working. Control your account activities by regularly auditing, you need to review your account and see results of your efforts. Read closely 7 metrics you can use in auditing your YouTube channel.

youtube tracking tips


With this, you can actually know how many subscribers watch your videos. Creating content is definitely the first step in knowing how many of your viewers were impressed. To do this, check the numbers of views with the number of subscribers and do the math. This metric is available in your dashboard.


Find out which of your contents got the most engagement if you buy real Youtube subscribers. Did your video get lots of comments, likes, and subscribers?  Using views engagement ratio you get to find out.


This metric helps in figuring views. Organic views are those videos that were watched without paid adverts.  And also if you’ve used some ads or payrolls, this metric can help you figure out your views and the source it’s from.


Find out how long users watch your videos, how long your video interests your viewers. Not all viewers stick to the end of a video. If your watch time is low, you definitely need to change tactics. This metric can be found in your analytic settings.


You get to find out how many of your videos were suggested during a search alongside videos with so many views. To check this, simply go to your YouTube analytics.

This metric is called audience retention. Get to find out which of your video had the highest view. Before your viewers lost interest or clicked away, how many views did you get? Using this metric you get to figure it out.


Track your progress using this metric. You’ll find this in creator studio. This helps YouTube channels who have less audience.

Tried any of this metric yet? Get to know the progress of your YouTube channel by auditing your account with this metrics. Your efforts shouldn’t be in vain.

Reputation Trap Youtube: Not These Mistakes!

As high as the opportunities and potential of Youtube are, there are so many risks and dangers in the platform as well. More specifically, it is the medium of video that carries the most chances. Because poorly produced – or involuntarily funny – videos can hurt the reputation of companies and applicants noticeably.

This is often due to mistakes that can be avoided with proper preparation, a good strategy and enough time and practice in video production. In the following, we summarize the most common – and potentially most dangerous – ones.

Concept And Strategy

Too long videos often miss not only the goal – as many views – but can also deter and boring viewers. An association that should not appeal to any company.

Youtube can be a very active and essential network for businesses. But that’s why other systems should not be neglected. An excellent Youtube channel with lots of organic real Youtube views to buy is only meaningful and valuable if the corporate website and other channels are maintained as well. Youtube videos with lots of organic views do way better. Do not settle for anything less than amazing!

The channels of other companies can serve as inspiration. But when issues are all too obviously copied or adopted, it can lead to outraged reactions from other companies and their fans. Not to mention the reputational damage to the copying company when they buy Youtube views.

Serious engagement also takes time on Youtube to pay off. Above all, the establishment of an active community and audience takes place within weeks and months.

As a format, video series are ideal for linking fans and customers to a company and a channel and providing interesting content in the long term. However, this only works if the series is planned well in advance and there is enough material. Suddenly breaking offsets often leave a heavy aftertaste on viewers.

The medium of video offers companies enormous potential and numerous opportunities. But it also has its limitations, and some issues are not suitable for video meditation. Companies should therefore by no means make the mistake of always wanting to make a video on all aspects.

On the other hand, there are also topics that demand a video implementation and offer themselves excellently. However, this does not help a company if the resources needed for the application are not available.

Of course, moderation of comments can be time-consuming and time-consuming. But disabling comments does not just mean ignoring valuable feedback. No, disabled comments also convey the message that you do not care about the opinions of your viewers and that you do not care about dialogue and dialogue.

Of course, as a video description theoretically enough a link to the corresponding blog article. But practically you should take the time and provide your videos with precise specifications. It just looks a lot more professional and appealing, and it shows that you take both the channel and your viewers seriously and handle it with care.

Of course, you can also have advertisements displayed in your corporate videos. But first, if you’re not targeting ads from advertisers, you have no control over which ads appear here. And second, it may seem a little strange when a corporate video is overlaid with advertising. Do you need that or do you need to buy real Youtube views?

Yes, Youtube always offers you three thumbnails. No, they are usually useless. Take the time to create and upload your  The effort is relatively low, but if you do without it, your channel will quickly become amateurish and not very professional.

Youtube videos may or may not always be included in blog articles. Surely using it on other platforms makes sense, but you should not compulsively try to translate any video into an article. Otherwise, materials can be quickly forced and unconvincing.

Speaking of inclusion: Of course, you should share your videos in your other social media channels. Make sure, however, to provide the shared videos with a comment matching the network.

Producing a lot of videos can be a good idea – if you can keep the frequency. However, if that’s not clear, you’d better start with a few videos a week and ramp up slowly. A deliberate increase in output is much better than a forced reduction.

To increase the reach of your channel, you can also show ads for your channel or individual videos on Youtube. Be sure to keep your targeting clean. Dipping your videos in an inappropriate context can also rub off on your business.

Speaking of advertising: Even the largest advertising budget cannot be a substitute for content quality and exciting topics. Play advertising and production budget, so please never against each other. Otherwise, there will be videos, which certainly did not achieve the desired effect.

Do you have original video formats that work very well and that you can efficiently produce? Wonderful. These should undoubtedly form your basis, but for the long-term success, it is crucial to try new formats and to offer variety.